How it works


The theory of the Rotary Removal system stems back to when we were trying to remove cotyledon leaf from Baby leaf spinach using flotation and submerging to our advantage.

As the product makes its way down the wash tank to the rotary drum the paddles and rotation of the drum submerges the product forcing it under water and the perforation holes in the drum allows the smaller portions floating pass through into the inside of the drum separating the unwanted small leaf from the larger submerged leaf using the flotation force to bring the unwanted leaf to the surface.

Using this theory in production we not only discovered the success of cotyledon leaf removal, but we also witnessed bugs, moths and floating debris being separated as well. This started a whole event of product testing and trials with some of our customers that were requiring some removal of these unwanted floating guests.

We than came up with a design that allowed us to separate, remove and filter out the unwanted cotyledon leaf, debris and bugs from the recirculated water.

The success of this system has become very stable in the expectation of mechanical separation and removal and has proven to be very popular as an ad on option to our current and older wash lines.

Having said that we do recommend to upgrade to an aeration system at the same time as this also adds to the success of a better separation and removal of the unwanted bugs and debris.

The Tripax Bug & Debris Removal System is relatively easy to retro fit to your existing Tripax Wash Line and it does involve some cutting, grinding and welding, so it is recommended to be fitted by the correct trained technician that is familiar with the fitting and tasks required.


Aeration system is now standard on all our Current Baby Leaf & Hybrid Wash lines, and we can supply and retro fit the aeration system to most wash lines out there.

Once the removed bugs & debris have been brought to the rotary filter it is evident of the success by instant visual to see not only of the expected removal but also of the extra fines, stones and others that make their way through the system.