Pumpkin Segmenter Series 7100


  • Capacity – One pumpkin per cycle. Operator dependent on
    loading approx. 3 to 4 pumpkins per minute
  • Function – To cut whole pumpkin into segments.
  • Product – Various pumpkin. Maximum size ø400 round x
    300mm high.
  • Specification – Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and
    food grade plastic components.
  • Requirements – 3phase & neutral power, 6 Bar of clean
    dry air.

Consisting of:

A product cutting chamber, discharge chamber, and an outfeed conveyor manufactured from a series of laser-cut & fabricated panels that form a cabinet-like self-supporting construction on legs with levelling adjustable feet.

Pumpkin Segmenter Series 7100
Pumpkin Segmenter Series 7100

Machine Description:

This machine is designed to cut pumpkin into segments. With the side guard door open the operator places the pumpkin on the cutting anvil in the cutting chamber and presses the start button. The guard doors travel downward until fully closed. The knife head will then be pushed downward slicing through the pumpkin completely. The knives then retract upward, the locking device on the hinged anvil beneath the pumpkin disengages and allows the anvil to open downwards and the pumpkin segments to fall onto the discharge conveyor below to be elevated away. The hinged anvil returns to the closed position and the side guard door opens allowing for the next cutting cycle. The mechanical operation of the knife head, side guards, and hinged anvil are all operated by Festo pneumatic cylinders, and the guards are equipped with safety pneumatic interlock switches.