Bean Snipper Series #8000


  • Function – To snip the ends from green beans.
  • Product – Long fresh beans.
  • Capacity – Up to 600Kg per hour.
  • Specification – Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and food-grade plastic components.
  • Requirements – 20amp 3Phase & Neutral power
    & 6 bar water Supply.

Consisting of:

A series of laser cut & fabricated panels that form a cabinet-style body, housed in a chassis construction complete with gusseting and mounting. The drum arrangement consists of a series of radial segments, slotted together on a discharge and infeed rings fixed with long series hex bar bolts which rest on an arrangement, housing trunnion wheels at either end. Then you have a drive end which is powered by a SEW geared drive shaft mounted, motor transferring transmission through a series of timing pulleys and belt, whilst the idler end is simply a driven motion via the drive of the drum rotation.

Designed to “snip” the ends

This piece of equipment is designed to “snip” the ends from fresh beans by means of the product being fed into the infeed hopper and travel down into a series of divider rings, spaced equally and radially along the length of the drum. As the product promotes from section to section, it is exposed end on to slots in the wall of the drum formed by moulded plastic segments.

The ends will periodically protrude through the slots in the plastic cutting segments and will travel past a bank of knives where the protruding end is “snipped” off. The probability of 2 to 5 percent product requiring re snipping is apparent when the drum is overfilled and not performing to its potential. The product is then discharged through the conical out-feed chute, where the snipped ends fall through a chute, in the bottom of the cabinet into a tub, waste crate, or onto a waste conveyor, whichever is available.

Wash bar

There is a wash bar that runs the length of the drum that has a series of jets that spray onto the segments and beans to ensure a clean segment and no blockages. The slots in the segments are an important factor of size to match the bean variety being processed, the segments are available in a range of different sizes, and the snipper knives are designed to be serviceable and replaceable.

It comes complete with its own self-supporting frame constructed from a series of RHS, SHS members with laser-cut, fabricated plate & gusset works. The support frame is complete with levelling and vertically adjustable legs. 

Bean Snipper Series 8000


Electrical controls are available for this piece of equipment.