How it works



To remove residual water from produce using
centrifugal force.


Cut, diced, sliced vegetables, leafy products such as
Lettuce, Spinach and herb’s.


Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and food
grade plastic components.


240V, single phase power

TRIPAX Spin Dryer

The TRIPAX Spin Dryer consists of a rotating cradle into which a
light 45ltr plastic product basket can be placed. The cradle is
situated in a rectangular shaped main body covered with a
transparent hinged lid on the top.

When spinning the product lid is closed, the skeleton design of the cradle allows excess water to drain out from the mesh in the basket and out through the sides on the cradle. The water then drains out through drainage slots in the bottom of the main body.

Machine Control Panel 

The panel above the lid houses the controls for the machine, this consists of an adjustable timer with digital display for the spinning time, a 2preset selector switch for basket spinning speed, an emergency stop and reset buttons. There is an automatic lid locking mechanism which will not allow the transparent lid to be opened until the spinning cycle is complete.

The motor is electrically controlled by a frequency inverter that drives the cradle via a timing belt drive arrangement. All electrical components are situated in a separate enclosed compartment behind the main body complete with a secured locked access door.

The Spinner comes complete with a 3m lead & plug, and 4 rubber isolation feet.

Mesh Basket Insert

There is a mesh basket insert also available for those small products such as herb’s and diced vegetables as the standard basket has 7mm x 9mm rectangular perforation around.